Thursday, July 12, 2012


I can fell the distance with you
Sometimes I lost the memory of you
Sometimes I lost the memory of myself
I never realize that thing happen
Although I feel the happiness
Deep inside this heart
Low voice keep telling me
This happiness is the true sadness
When I look downward
There was no shadow

When something wake me up from the sleep
The dream gone
The real thing is you are beside me
Always beside me
I have abandoned my first love
The true love

Ooo Allah..
Send me Your love again
Into my heart
So I can feel back
The warm inside my heart
Ooo Mighty Allah..
Give me some strength to face this dream
To be away from this illusion
So I can be there
In Your Jannah


“It You create my heart, so let it belong to You and always love You.”

Petang Isnin
22 Saaban 1433

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